Audi Standards

General Management – Program

  • The facility must use an Audi approved paint supplier that has technical approval from AUDI AG. Suppliers include Axalta Coating Systems – Cromax, Standox and Spies Hecker, BASF Glasurit and RM Diamont, Akzo Nobel Sikkens, PPG and Nexa Technologies
  • The facility must refer all aluminum vehicles to an Audi Authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Facility for all non-cosmetic repairs

General Management – Personnel

  • A trained estimator must be employed and on-site during all business hours
  • A receptionist must be on-site during business hours
  • The facility must have state level-certified/-trained collision repair technicians at all times (minimum of two for body and one for paint)
    Note: The Paint and Body Technician may be the same person
  • The facility must appoint someone who is responsible for resolving all customer complaints within 24 hours of receipt


  • The facility premises must be kept reasonably clean and be well-maintained
  • The facility must have clean, well-supplied, well-lit, and clearly identified customer restrooms separate from shop personnel
  • The facility must have an on-site working media player and monitor for DVDs, CDs, etc., in order to access and use training materials and other repair systems
  • The facility must use the Audi logo in accordance with strict Audi marketing guidelines
  • The facility must agree to only use and display pre-approved materials that utilize the Audi logo, trademarks and references, including, but not limited to, interior/exterior signage, apparel, advertising, stationery, websites, billboards, etc.
  • The facility must have a clean, well-lit vehicle customer delivery area, or repaired vehicles must be delivered to customers at the dealership